Microsoft Store


License Microsoft Standard Application License
Standard License Site License

You cannot transfer licenses from Microsoft Store to Standalone or vice versa.

More detailed information about the Standalone license is found in the 'license.txt' file where X410 is installed.

Features Full

When you install X410 from Microsoft Store, X410 runs in a secure sandbox and there are some limitations compared to the Standalone version. Available options and user interface for each version reflect those limitations. However, such differences are minimal (ex. Microsoft Store version doesn't have a license activation menu as it's managed via the Store app); the core features and functions of X410 are the same for both versions.

App Installation Microsoft Store app is required
Standalone installer
Requires a Microsoft account for license purchasing and installation Yes No
Trial Mode Fully functional for 7 days without any trial mode reminders Fully functional with trial mode reminders after certain time period
Applying Updates Automatic via Windows Update Manual

You need to specifically download and update the new versions.

Installer automatically detects the existing version and processes the update while preserving settings and license info.

Maximum number of devices that can be linked to a license 10 devices per license 1 device per license

A unique license key is downloaded for the device where you activated your license.


A unique license key is issued for each physical location.

Offline License Activation No No Yes
USD $3.99 per month, or
USD $39.99 per year (2 months free)
USD $89.99

One-time purchase

Volume discounts available

Version Upgrade Pricing Free upgrades to the latest version while your subscription is valid. Free upgrades for minor version updates and fixes.

X410 version number scheme:

When a major version is released, it's accompanied by discounts for existing license owners.

License related support Contact Microsoft directly
via your Microsoft account
Recommendation Personal use

If you already have a Microsoft account and using it with your Windows, purchasing a license for X410 via that account should give you simpler and cohesive user experience for Windows.

You should also be able to get better pricing as Microsoft Store has its own promotion deals and incentive programs for purchasing apps.

Business/Education use

• Subject to change without notice at any time