$49.99 (USD)

(Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.)
Scan this QR code and open this webpage from your smartphone. You can use your wallet app for buying X410!

As you click 'Buy Now!' button, you will be forwarded to a checkout page hosted by Stripe, Inc. Stripe specializes in providing online financial services and it securely processes your payment on behalf of our company.

X410 is also available as a Microsoft Store app, and you can buy its licenses with your Microsoft account. However, please note that you cannot transfer those Microsoft Store app licenses to the Standalone version and vice versa.

When your order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email within 1 business day that contains your software activation information. You can use that information to remove the trial version messages and limitations.

As our software can be freely downloaded from the Internet, no physical materials such as installation CD or manuals will be shipped for your purchase.

X410 displays a licensee name where it is appropriate (ex. 'About' window). This name is automatically derived from the payment information you entered while placing an order.

If you are purchasing multiple licenses of X410 for your client or the members of your team, and you want to change the licensee name displayed in X410, please contact sales@choung.net before using the original license activation code included in your order confirmation email.

Site licenses are also available for X410 Standalone version. With a site license, you can activate X410 on unlimited number of computers within a physical location (such location is specified while placing your order). You can also apply a site license to X410 in an offline network environment where the Internet is not accessible.

If you would like to purchase site licenses or have any questions, please contact sales@choung.net.

International or corporate purchases can also be processed directly by Choung Networks. Please contact sales@choung.net for more information.