• Better clipboard sharing

    We have improved the clipboard sharing between Windows and remote X-Window apps running over X410. Especially when you are copying a large bitmap image from a remote X-Window app (ex. a Linux GUI app running in WSL2) to Windows over clipboard, X410 now handles it more reliably with less temporary memory. The new version should also fix the random trailing control characters in some Windows apps while copying and pasting multi-line text from an X-Window app.

    For your information, X410 supports the following data formats for its clipboard sharing feature:

    • Plain Text
    • HTML-formatted Text
    • BMP/PNG Image
  • Improved compatibility for the VSOCK connections in WSL2

    If you had problems using the VSOCK option for WSL2 in X410, try the new version 3.2.0! We have improved its compatibility and stability when other virtual machine platforms (ex. Windows Sandbox) are installed along with WSL2.

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