This release mainly focuses on implementing modules for the new subscription-based version of X410. There are only minor bug fixes for the core features.

As announced in our other post, X410 will only be available as a subscription in Microsoft Store. Unlike the previously available one-time purchase option, you should be able to find the new X410 subscription more approachable and manageable since it only requires minimal upfront payment and you can easily cancel or renew it via your Microsoft account. It also provides more consistent user experience and convenience as you will always get the most recent version of X410 automatically without any additional upgrading fee or switching to a different app package.

If you want to buy a perpetual licensing (one-time purchase) version instead of the new subscription-based, please consider purchasing the Standalone version directly from our website. Unlike the Microsoft Store version, the Standalone version does not require a Microsoft account and its license can be activated without the Internet.

Comparing Microsoft Store and Standalone versions of X410

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