If you already purchased a license for X410 via Microsoft Store, Windows will automatically update your installation of X410. You can also update X410 manually by using the 'Downloads and updates' menu in Microsoft Store app. The following summarizes what's new in version 2.9.3.

  • You can now snap Linux GUI app windows just like Windows apps!

    While using a Linux GUI app such as gedit that has a custom title bar in X410 Windowed Apps mode, you can now simply drag it to the edge of your screen and enjoy the snap feature just like any other Windows apps. You can also use the Windows standard keyboard shortcuts (ex. [ Windows Logo Key ] + [ Right Arrow ]) for snapping your Linux GUI app windows.

  • X410 now adds drop shadow to Linux GUI app windows in Windowed Apps mode when a Linux GUI app has input focus but doesn't have a standard Windows title bar.
  • Keyboard shortcuts or menus for changing input focus to another window should now work as expected (ex. CTRL+ALT+] in IntelliJ IDEA).
  • Fixed window size related problems in Windowed Apps mode while toggling full-screen mode for Linux GUI apps (commonly enabled by pressing the F11 key).
  • Fixed intermittently showing corrupted window content while resizing Linux GUI apps in Windowed Apps mode.
  • Improved maintaining a window stacking order in Windowed Apps mode when Linux GUI apps are running alongside Windows apps.
  • Constant micro memory allocations for internal messages have been consolidated and X410 now instead utilizes Windows standard message queues. This should improve memory management and app stability in X410.

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