• Keyboard input focus is now managed more consistently and in line with Windows apps when Linux GUI apps are running in Windowed Apps mode. For example, an auto file save feature in some Linux GUI apps (ex. IntelliJ IDEA) are now properly triggered when keyboard input focus is changed to either a Linux or a Windows app.
  • X keyboard configuration database is updated to version 2.32; you now have more keyboard configuration options for 'setxkbmap' command. When using 'setxkbmap' command, please do so just after launching X410 and before running any Linux GUI app.
  • Linux GUI apps that make use of the current desktop ID for handling multiple files should now work properly (ex. NEdit in server mode)
  • Large Linux mouse cursor images are no longer clipped
  • Auto start option for X410 is now available in the Startup tab of Windows Task Manager
  • X410 tray icon color is now automatically adjusted according to Windows light or dark theme
  • Fixed partially updating app problem after adding a high-DPI monitor while Linux GUI apps are already running in Windowed Apps mode

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