X410 is currently (7/27/22, 05:10 AM) unpublished from the Store by Microsoft. They just unpublished X410 all of sudden and the following is the reason we received from Microsoft:

App Policies: 10.8.7 Financial Transactions - Pricing - All product marketing must be truthful, non-misleading and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and regulatory guidelines. Products must have a realistic and accurate base price on which any sales prices are based.

We're not exactly sure why Microsoft decided to unpublish X410. It could be the sale pricing we offered... When Microsoft unpublishes an app, it cannot be found in or installed from the Store even if you purchased it; the app simply disappears.

If there was a problem in our pricing, they could have addressed the issue in so many ways. They can easily and automatically detect such pricing issues and denied the submission in the first place (pricing is just about numbers and isn't Microsoft smart enough to develop AI??), or simply email us to change it. Yet they chose the most blunt and frustrating way of unpublishing the app. They can hate us but why punish the end-users who already purchased X410?? Is it wrong to buy an app on sale?? We hope they focus more on weeding out garbage apps rather than hassling legitimate users and developers...

Anyhow, we're contacting Microsoft and trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We'll update this post as soon as X410 is reinstated. Meanwhile you can also contact Microsoft directly and request their assistance in installing X410 as this problem is caused by and can only be resolved by Microsoft.

Thank you.

Best regards,
X410 Team
Choung Networks

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