We have updated our app listing in Microsoft Store and X410 is now offered only as a monthly or yearly subscription starting from version 3.6.0. There are no changes for the Standalone version of X410 except for its pricing; it's adjusted to reflect the new subscription offerings.

X410 Subscription Plans
Paid monthlyUSD $3.99 per month
Paid yearlyUSD $39.99 per year (2 months free)

When you first install the subscription-based X410, it runs as a fully functional 7-days trial version. Hence, please feel free to test drive X410 and see if it meets your needs. For purchasing a subscription, you can simply click the Subscription menu in X410 and follow the instruction. Your subscription to X410 is processed by Microsoft and you can manage or cancel it through your Microsoft account webpage.

The new subscription-based version of X410 is released as a separate product in Microsoft Store. Hence, if you already purchased X410 via the store, you should be able to continue using it without any interruption. We will also continue updating it exactly the same as the subscription-based version. However, starting from version 4, new features and updates will be only available to the subscription-based version.

Please also note that you will no longer be able to search or make a new purchase for the previously available non-subscription-based version in Microsoft Store. Hence, when you want to reinstall your previously purchased version, please use your Library section in Microsoft Store app; it's listed as 'X410 (Version 3)'. When listing your apps, please make sure to uncheck the 'Show installed products only' option for the 'Sort and filter' setting.

If you want to buy a perpetual license (one-time purchase) instead of a monthly or yearly subscription, please purchase the Standalone version of X410 directly from our website. The following post summarizes the differences between the two versions.

Comparing Microsoft Store and Standalone versions of X410

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