• We've changed the algorithm for locating the virtual machine instance for WSL2. Such information is required for properly setting up the VSOCK and the new method should provide the information more reliably. If you're still having problems connecting back to X410 via VSOCK in WSL2, try adding yourself to the Hyper-V administrators group as mentioned in the following post:

    Using X410 with WSL2 » VSOCK

  • You can now check the tooltip for X410 tray-icon when you want to know if the VSOCK for WSL2 is currently active. +wsl2 indicates that the VSOCK is fully enabled, and *wsl2 is shown when X410 is not detecting any virtual machine instance for WSL2 and waiting for one. If the VSOCK for WSL2 is not enabled, you will not find any wsl2 wording in the tooltip.

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