• /reset command-line switch is added

    When this command-line switch is used from PowerShell or Windows Command Prompt, X410 initializes all its settings to defaults. Other command-line switches or arguments must not be specified while using this switch; this command-line switch will be ignored if you do.

    x410.exe /reset
  • VSOCK option for WSL2 is now labeled as ‘experimental

    Some users are reporting that X410 becomes unresponsive when the VSOCK option for WSL2 is enabled. Although we’re unable to observe such problems in our testing devices, we added the ‘experimental’ label to indicate that there can be an issue.

    As also mentioned in our other posts, the VSOCK support in WSL2 was never officially announced from Microsoft. Hence if you do experience any problem with the VSOCK option for WSL2, please report back to us and help us track down its culprit.

    For disabling the VSOCK option when X410 becomes unresponsive, newly added /reset command-line switch should be handy. Before using /reset command-line switch, please make sure no instance of X410 is running (ex. check the 'Details' tab in Windows Task Manager).

  • This new version also includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

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