3.8.3 • 'X410 (Version 3)' Only

This update is released only for the 'X410 (Version 3)' owners who purchased a perpetual license from Microsoft Store before the subscription-based version was released. If you owned a license for 'X410 (Version 3)' and want to install it, please read the following post for the additional information:

How to install 'X410 (Version 3)' from Microsoft Store


  • X410 now restricts users from resizing a Linux GUI app too small while running it in Windowed Apps mode; its minimum window size is determined according to the properties set for the app by its developers.

  • Fixed the WSL2 IP detection problem when you have multiple ethernet adapters configured in a certain order.

  • Improved the stability of clipboard sharing; it should no longer be a cause for unexpected crashes or unresponsiveness in Linux GUI apps.

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