Starting from version 3.6.0, you can only purchase a subscription-based version of X410 from Microsoft Store. Hence, when you search for X410 in Microsoft Store, you will only get that new subscription-based version; Microsoft Store does not support listing paid apps that cannot be purchased. But please note that even though the subscription-based version has the same name, it is actually registered as a separate product; it has a new product ID in Microsoft Store.

If you purchased a license for X410 from Microsoft Store before July 4, 2023 (i.e., before the release of the version 3.6.0), please install 'X410 (Version 3)' instead of the current subscription-based version; your license is only valid for that version.

For installing 'X410 (Version 3)', please use the Library section in Microsoft Store app from the Windows Start menu. You should be able to find 'X410 (Version 3)' in your list of owned apps and you can install it from there. When listing the apps, please make sure to uncheck the 'Show installed products only' option in its 'Sort and filter' settings.

Please note that we have been and will be releasing updates for 'X410 (Version 3)' with new features and bug fixes exactly like the current subscription-based version, and Windows will automatically update your 'X410 (Version 3)' to the latest version.

However, starting from version 4.0.0, 'X410 (Version 3)' will no longer be updated to the latest version; those new versions will only be delivered to the current subscription-based version. You will of course be able to keep using 'X410 (Version 3)' even after we release version 4.0.0; it will simply not be updated to the new version.

If you want to buy a perpetual license (one-time purchase) instead of a monthly or yearly subscription, please purchase the Standalone version of X410 directly from our website. The following post summarizes the differences between the two versions.

Comparing Microsoft Store and Standalone versions of X410

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