Let's try creating a shortcut for launching GNU Octave from the Windows taskbar. Ubuntu 18.04 is used for this example and all script files are assumed to be stored in 'C:\wsl' folder.

STEP 1 Install GNU Octave

sudo apt install octave

STEP 2 Create a batch file for launching the newly installed GNU Octave

@echo off

REM *** Start X410 in Windowed Apps mode. If X410 is already running in Desktop mode,
REM *** it'll be silently terminated and restarted in Windowed Apps mode.

x410.exe /wm

REM *** Start GNU Octave

ubuntu1804.exe run "export DISPLAY=; octave"

STEP 3 Create a VBScript file for executing a batch file without any flashing Console window

Windows always shows a Command Prompt window when executing a batch file; we couldn't find a way to completely hide it. By using this VBScript, we can silently run the batch file.

If WScript.Arguments.Count <= 0 Then
End If	

bat = Left(WScript.ScriptFullName, InStrRev(WScript.ScriptFullName, "\")) & WScript.Arguments(0) & ".bat"
arg = ""

If WScript.Arguments.Count > 1 Then
    arg = WScript.Arguments(1)
End If

CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run """" & bat & """ """ & arg & """", 0, False

STEP 4 Create a shortcut for launching the batch file from Step 2 using the VBScript from Step 3

Set the target of the shortcut to:

wscript.exe "C:\wsl\bat-launcher.vbs" "start-octave"

STEP 5 You can now select 'Pin to taskbar' or 'Pin to Start' from the right-click popup menu

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