Concerned about enabling the public access in X410? Try adding an inbound rule in Windows Defender Firewall!

March 10, 2021|

In order to use X410 with Linux GUI apps running in WSL2, you must enable 'Public Access' option in X410 and allow its inbound public access in Windows Defender Firewall. However, when you grant that public access for X410, any app can forward its GUI output to your X410 even if it's running in a different computer. If you want to prevent such from happening, try adding a new inbound rule in Windows Defender Firewall.

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Computer AAA
Your computer with X410 and WSL2 running
Computer BBB
Unknown computer somewhere

Getting 'Gah. Your tab just crashed' from Firefox running in WSL?

April 16, 2020|

Not all Linux GUI apps run in WSL. Some of them are having compatibility issues especially when they depend on background running services (ex. dbus) or require security related features in Linux. Recent versions of Firefox and many other web browsers are having such compatibility issues.

Unlike most regular Linux GUI apps that are developed for a specific task, web browsers can be a platform for running other programs (ex. web apps and plugins developed with JavaScript). Hence web browsers are trying to create a sandbox for safely running those codes and such techniques cause compatibility problems in WSL.

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March 5, 2020|

We'll be using as a dedicated website for all X410 related contents. Currently available how-to guides and posts about X410 at will be moved to this new website as well. will also host other topics that focus on creating a work environment that seamlessly combines Windows and Linux/Unix-like operating systems. When we decide to release new apps or tools for helping such efforts, you'll definitely hear about it first from

We hope you like the new website!

X410 gets more options for better user experience in Linux GUI apps and desktops

November 21, 2019|

  • You now have an option for updating the content of a window while you're resizing it in Windowed Apps mode. Please note that we recommend turning this feature off when your computer doesn't have enough processing power or network speed.

  • Windows key can now be forwarded to Linux GUI desktops
  • Fixed adding random NULL bytes when copying text from Windows to Linux GUI apps via clipboard