Shared clipboard weirdly stopped working? Update your X410 to the new version 3.5.1!

May 26, 2023|

  • If you had experienced X410 becoming unresponsive after switching its server mode from Floating Desktop to Windowed Apps or vice versa, you should no longer see such problems in the new version.

  • A bug that prevented copying data from Linux GUI apps to Windows after changing the server mode or X410 is simply restarted via its menu is now fixed.

  • X410 should no longer randomly become unresponsive immediately after launching it (ex. enabling X410 via the Startup tab in Windows Task Manager).

X410 version 3.5.0 makes Linux GUI apps more indistinguishable from Windows apps

May 17, 2023|

  • More visual effects and behavior enhancements are added for Linux GUI apps running in Windowed Apps mode. For example, you are now less likely to see the initial black background when you launch a Linux GUI app. Thick black border around popup menus in some apps should also no longer be visible.


  • Popup menus in Linux GUI apps are now closed as expected when you change the input focus to a Windows app in Windowed Apps mode.

  • Fixed incorrect drag position within some GUI apps while performing a drag-and-drop operation in Windowed Apps mode.

  • Improved handling buggy Linux GUI apps that constantly generate redundant random events. Such apps should now be more responsive to mouse and keyboard input.

X410 version 3.4.3 is ready!

March 24, 2023|

  • The new update addresses the problem that does not correctly show the window frame and/or window title bar for Linux GUI apps running in Windowed Apps mode. X410 should also no longer randomly become unresponsive when you change its server mode and restart it from its system tray icon popup settings.